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Our program is a core strength and conditioning program that is specifically designed to be inclusive to anyone of any ability. This program is broad and can be tailored to meet whatever fitness goals you may have. Our program is unique to MFC and cannot be found anywhere on the web. We take pride in our program and the results that come with it.

Sports Xcel

Sports Xcel program is for those looking to get more specific with their training. The Sports Xcel program will be designed to each athletes individual needs and will directly address any weaknesses that athlete may have. The focus of this program is for these athletes  to perform better in their sport. This program is for serious athletes that are ready to go to the next level.

Women's Boot Camp

Women's Boot Camp is our no barbell class that is  designed to help woman work toward their fitness goals. This class is programmed for three workouts per week and adjusted for women of varying abilities. You do not need any prior knowledge or experience to be apart of this energizing class.  

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