Ryan Jauch

Owner, Head Coach
CrossFit Level 2 
USAW Sports Performance

Education: B.A. Exercise Science, USAW Sports Performance. Ryan was first introduced to the world of strength and conditioning through wrestling. Wrestling landed Ryan at the University of Northern Iowa where he competed at the division 1 level. Wrestling at Northern Iowa is what ultimately led Ryan to CrossFit.


In order to graduate Ryan had to intern at a local gym, he chose to do it a popular local CrossFit box. Seeing the amazing  results that people of all ages and abilities were receiving from participating in CrossFit is the reason why Ryan chose to go down the same path when it comes to training clients.  Ryan's favorite part of coaching CrossFit is seeing someone perform a movement or skill that they never thought would be possible for them.


Favorite WOD: Murph

Favorite Lift: Snatch

Favorite Skill: Bar Muscle Up

Jordyn Fleck

Program Director of Women's Boot Camp
CrossFit Level 1 Certified

Jordyn is finishing up a B.A in communications at Loyola University, Chicago. Although Jordyn played basketball, soccer, and Tennis in high school, she never truly understood the importance and impact that training and exercise could have on her performance or her life. In fact, exercise and working out were essentially non-existent in her life up until discovering CrossFit. Fast forward to today, after being introduced to CrossFit, Jordyn is hooked and there is no looking back.

CrossFit has had an amazing impact on Jordyn's life.  From improved self- confidence to having much more energy and an overall greater outlook day to day.  Jordyn is a true believer, and she is now committed to coaching and working with the members to teach them the benefits of CrossFit and the positive impact that weekly routine of exercise can have on their lives.


Jordyn brings high energy, passion and motivation to MFC every day. She believes in pushing members to do their best at any level, but also believes in keeping each day fun and exciting to deliver long-lasting results. Jordyn's proudest moments come when members achieve their goals and continue to push and stretch themselves to reach new heights.

Favorite WOD: Karen

Favorite Lift: Power/Squat Clean

Favorite Skill: Bar Muscle Up

Ilyse Palomo


CrossFit Level 2

RTY 200

Education: B.S. Early Childhood Education, M.E. Special Education


Throughout grade school and high school Ilyse did dance, cheer, and gymnastics. It wasn’t until college that Ilyse began to exercise on her own. At first she began to just run because she wasn’t sure what else to do. She eventually trained for and completed 3 half marathons and 1 full marathon. During this time she also found yoga and still maintains a daily yoga practice. It wasn’t until graduating from college that Ilyse found CrossFit at the suggestion of her father.  


Participating in CrossFit was Ilyse’s first exposure to weight training and it was a scary step to take for someone who had never touched a barbell in her life. After gaining some comfort with weight training, she began to realize there was no reason to be scared. She gained confidence and began to push herself more in her strength training. Through CrossFit she realized that she could be strong and your body can do amazing things when you care for it through exercise and nutrition.


After experiencing such a powerful and positive life change through CrossFit, Ilyse wanted to share her knowledge and help other people find positive changes in their own lives as well. Coaching allows Ilyse a space to truly help people and learn each day as she receives feedback from the CrossFit MFC family. She looks at each class as an opportunity to brighten someone’s day, help someone learn something new about themselves, and to learn something new about herself in turn.


Favorite WOD: Cindy

Favorite Lift: Clean

Favorite Skill: Pistols


1803 Holian Dr C

Spring Grove, IL, 60081


(815) 575-4929