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Beginners Class

The beginners class is designed to help people who are struggling, have struggled or afraid of starting a fitness routine. In this class we will give you the tools and tips to be confident to join any fitness program that would interest you in the future. We will walk each attendee step by step through the process of effectively and safely getting healthy. Class will begin September 19th at 6:00 AM Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Limiting the class to 15 People

Join this class knowing that it will be made up of other people, just like you!
Things to expect
1. fun, motivating environment to learn how to take control of your health

2. Great, low skilled movements that will build strength and help you lose fat and keep it off

3. Short, simple and effective workouts that will have you leaving the gym feeling refreshed and excited to return


ONLY $349

11 spots left

This class will include
24 workouts over the course of 2 months
An initial weigh in and a final weigh in to track progress 
Assistance in developing healthy habits that can be sustained for a lifetime
Accountability and weekly check ins, to make sure you are on your way to crushing your goals.
Weekly nutritional tips, to help you make the best choices, outside of the gym
Guidance to ensure each workout is perfect for you!
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