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The Foundations Course is designed to prepare you with the technique and skills necessary to enroll in group CrossFit classes. If you have never done CrossFit before, then this is where you want to start. All new members unfamiliar with CrossFit will build a strong understanding of what to expect in our group classes and will be introduced to our CrossFit MFC community. 
Our Foundations Course takes place over 3 sessions.

Topics Covered in Foundations: 

  • Dynamic Warm Up

  • Power Lifting (Squat, Press, Deadlift)

  • Gymnastic movements (Pull ups, Ring exercises)

  • Mono-structural movements (rowing, jump rope, running)

  • Olympic Lifting (Clean & Jerk, Snatch)

  • Stretching and Mobility

Already Have CrossFit Experience? 

If you already have CrossFit experience and you feel you have a good grasp of our foundational movements set up a time with a coach to be evaluated.


From Everyone here at MFC we hope to see you soon!

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