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Meet Our Members

Athlete of the Month
This award takes multiple factors into consideration. Effort and attitude are at the top of the list. 

Kevin Kane

What has mfc done for me?  


"Crossfit MFC has allowed me to achieve my true potential inside and outside of the gym. Physically mfc has showed me what it feels like to be in the best shape of my life. Mentally mfc has taught me patience and dedication. 


Intiallly what drew me to MFC was the chance to regain my confidence because I was out of shape and overweight. As I progressed in my journey my goals became different. First it was to get in shape and lose weight. Then it became a process to master the skills and push myself to unlock my hidden potential. Without the positive encouragement from the staff and members I would not be where I am today.


Thru MFC I have learned no matter how hard life gets its still not as bad as 250 burpess for time."     


Thank You,


Consistency Club

This club is a celebration of our members attending at least 12 classes/Month. The athletes in bold are being recognized for 16 plus that month. The number next to their name represents the number of months they have been in the club consecutively.   

Bert I (3)

Kelly R (3)

Shawn R (1)

Meghan L (3)

Aaron B (3)

Ashley L (3)

Matt S (3)

Justin M (2)

Kevin K (3)

Marinna M (3)

Heather W (3)

Alyce B (2)

Ilyse P (3)

Terri W (3)

Justin H (3)

Jen Pope (2)

Riley Connell (2)

Dylan Connell(3)

Jason Obrien (2)

Jeffery Elser (2)

Patty Slove (1)

Kyle Bender (1)

Jeremey Hudghs (1)

Vincent Emory (1)

Asa Shaffer (1)

Brian Jauch (1)

Sharon Freund (1)

Brian Kane (1)

Nick Lombardi (1)

Grace Marshall (1)

Rob Heaver (1)

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