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Meet Our Members

Athlete of the Month
This award takes multiple factors into consideration. Effort and attitude are at the top of the list. 

Justin McAndrews 

Justin started Crossfit MFC two months ago and has shown great commitment and effort to the program and it is paying off. Here is what Justin has to say about MFC. 

"Joining MFC has been one of the most rewarding experiences in both body and mind. After 2 months I have gradually gained confidence and feel fantastic. That atmosphere and the energy there is indescribable. One of my favorite parts about going there is the community. Ryan and all other coaches are helpful, knowledgeable and down to earth. The members are really fun and great people to train with.  Being around everyone there constantly makes you want to get better and work toward your goals. The biggest thing MFC has done for me is help me realize what i am truly capable of doing if i just try."


-Justin M 

Consistency Club

This club is a celebration of our members attending at least 12 classes/Month. The athletes in bold are being recognized for 16 plus that month. The number next to their name represents the number of months they have been in the club consecutively.   

Bert I (1)

Kelly R (1)

Meghan L (1)

Aaron B (1)

Ashley L (1)

Matt S (1)

Justin M (1)

Kevin K (1)

Marinna M (1)

Chloe B (1)

Heather W (1)

Asa G (1)

Alyce B (1)

Brian K (1)

Mick N (1)

Sandi D (1)

Ilyse P (1)

Patty S (1)

Terri W (1)

Justin H (1)

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